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Best FaceTime alternative for Android & iOS

FaceTime sounds familiar, right? While Apple’s FaceTime popularized video calls on smartphones, there came plenty of other apps that offer a first-class experience. There are many options available for smartphones, but very few for the PC.

Apps like Skype don’t work well every time as it requires fast internet connection. And that’s why many people are looking out for how to Download FaceTime on PC.

Best alternative FaceTime Apps

If you are in need of a video call app, that can replace FaceTime, then these are the apps you can use as an alternative.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook’s messenger app can be used as a video call platform widely used because of its association with the social media network. Even though it split from Facebook in 2014, the messenger has more than 1 billion users.

messenger call

You can now make video calls to your loved ones from anywhere and it’s free over Wi-Fi. Also, it has fun filters like snap chat style, that supports group chats and has easy to navigate controls.


WhatsApp took the 1st spot as the world’s most downloaded app in 2018. It became a popular alternative to Skype and Messenger, as its presence has grown globally. To crack down the spread of false information, the apps let you share a message with 10 people at a time and a forward message to five people at a time.


With the help of Skype, you can make HD video calls for free and easy. This supports up to 24 peoples on a call. It is perfect for big families and other work conferences. You can simply create an account and add your friends to your contact list. And most recently, they also added an ability to record, save and share your video calls.


Viber lets you make a message, video calls and exchange files for free on an encrypted platform. You can also make audio calls for free. While you are messaging, you can also send gifs, stickers, emojis and create chat groups. Also most important thing, when you are on call or chat, you can also play games with your contacts in Viber.

Google Duo

Google updated its two-way video call with more streamlined tools for easier video and audio recording for when the recipient is offline. It also has live video and audio chats feature too. But probably it isn’t the best app for group video chats.


You can make free video calls or chats with your family and friends for free. This app has a simple user interface. It also supports group calls, photo and video sharing with hundreds of stickers to spice up the message. Whatsapp can stoled IMO’s popularity, but some users still rely on the app for quality calls.

Final Words:

This is all about Facetime for PC, and we hope you are able to do Apple Facetime for PC download. The above-mentioned apps will help you to make video calls easily for free. If we have missed any of the best alternative apps of Facetime, let us know in the comment section below.